Case Study

Authentic Communication During a Time of Challenging Business Performance

Following a series of significant changes focused on modernizing its infrastructure and repositioning its business portfolio, a leading health industry distributor hired us to develop an internal campaign to rebuild employee morale and generate excitement for the future amidst a challenging business environment.

Our Approach:

After interviewing dozens of executives and employees, and digging in to the issues affecting employee morale, 44 Degrees North Partners determined that a strategic communications strategy, rather than an internal marketing campaign, was the appropriate solution to strengthen morale and improve company performance. We worked with the executive leadership team from the start, ensuring their buy-in by proposing core communications tenets, as well as mindset and messaging shifts that would inform the go-forward strategy. We then mapped out a phased stakeholder engagement plan, which was designed to rebuild employee trust, restore confidence in the company, and solidify employee commitment and accountability to the company’s transformation.


The company’s executive leadership team, in partnership with the communications team, adopted and implemented our plan, and effected other business changes – resulting in desired improvements in employee morale and financial performance.