Case Study

Positioning a Growing Brand for Success

Within the highly fragmented and rapidly growing online learning industry, a global learning solutions company with a unique business model sought to raise awareness of its capabilities and improve its internal alignment. Specifically, the company desired to:

elevate its external brand positioning by significantly enhancing its website and social media presence, and strengthen its internal messaging and communication discipline.

Our Approach:

44 Degrees North Partners conducted more than 30 interviews with customers and employees, reviewed internal documents and company social media channels and benchmarked 18 competitors. Leveraging this information, we: proposed a new articulation of the company’s purpose, including vision, mission and values; designed, iterated and refined website architecture and content; developed a preliminary 2017 editorial calendar; and proposed five solutions to address the company’s greatest cultural and communication challenges. Throughout the four-month project, we worked closely with the CEO and other senior leaders, keeping them informed of our progress and inviting their feedback.


44 Degrees North Partners delivered a comprehensive plan for a new company website, which will tell a robust yet succinct story of the company’s exceptional talent and capabilities. The plan provided design, layout, navigation, features, and content recommendations, including company narrative, customer testimonials and case studies, and a thought leadership blog as well as a visually engaging portrayal of the company’s work culture and career experience. The company is in the process of building the website to these specifications, positioning itself to drive greater confidence among prospective customers and increased pride among employees.

44 Degrees North Partners has been re-engaged by the client to provide ongoing communications counsel, and create a comprehensive 12-month internal/external communication plan, social media strategy and executive positioning plan for the CEO.